Ranfer Vietnam

Recognizing the potential of Vietnam for sourcing a wide range of commodities, including as a Cocoa bean manufacturer and exporter, we established Ranfer Vietnam in 2011. The Vietnamese office branch carries out sourcing and processing of selected commodities covering Vietnamese tea, green tea, desiccated coconut, black pepper and cassia, amongst others.As a consolidated exporter of tea from Sri Lanka, Kenya and Malawi and Vietnam, the Ranfer Tea Cluster exports annually 20 million Kilograms of tea and their turnover is USD 54 million.

We are:

  • Agents in the Asia Pacific region for 2 farmer Co-oporatives in Brazil¬† compricing over 200 farmers covering over 30,000 hectars of farm land .
  • Agent in the Asia Pacific region for Supplier of Urea.

Corm GMO & non GMO over 20,000 Hecs of farm Land

Soya Over25,000 Hecs of Farm Land

Our Process


We can supply up to 200,000 MT of Corn and Soya per month throughout the year.



Once the corn or Soya bean is harvested, it is processed at the individual farms and store within the farm until shipments are finalized .upon  contracting shipments, the commodities are then moved to the silo owned by the shipper closer to the port for the loading and this process continues.

Packing and Shipping

Agri commodities are generally shipped in dry bulk vessels loaded loose into the individual hatchers of the vessel or packed in 1-ton jumbo sling bags according to the requirements of the customer.