Ranfer Story

Majestically rising like a Pearl from the depths of the Indian Ocean, she is home to a proud ancient civilization, with a genesis that began with a king whose legacy birthed a  Lion Race. Time saw her transform into the Silk Route, enticing travellers and adventurers from the four corners of the world. Through centuries she remained valiant, thriving in the abundance of her nature’s beauty and wealth, to produce industry and commerce that has today become the mainstay of this paradise Isle. She is Sri Lanka.

Within this canvas of agricultural traverse in Sri Lanka, began the story of a visionary company. In 1985, Ranfer Teas entered the market as one of the players in Sri Lanka to secure its place as a Pure Ceylon Tea Exporter with more vigour into the world, with a tea brimming with unsurpassed speciality skills, talent and experience, taking the company to new dimensions.

Since our humble beginnings as Ceylon Tea Exporter since 1985, we have today ventured into new avenues, marking our presence firmly in the global Black and Green Tea Industry. Our expertise spreads over the areas of Ceylon Black Tea, Ceylon Spices, Cloves, Desiccated Coconuts, Travel & Hospitality, Flexible Packaging and E-marketing industries. Catering to a dynamic spectrum of multinational clientele, we provide award-winning export services that are enjoyed in every corner of the world.