Ranfer Tea

Sri Lanka’s Central Hills carpeted in tea fields, is the hub of the tea world. Colourfully clad women carrying baskets on their heads dock the horizon as far as I can see, picking the two leaves and the bud, which ultimately produces some of the world’s best flavours of Tea.

Age old process’s are used in the art of Tea production, green leaves are weighed and transported to the large factories for drying, rolling, sorting and grading. Once done the tea makes its way to the Colombo Tea Auction arguably the fastest and most widely represented commodity auction in the world, accounting for about 6 Million Kgs weekly.

What’s impressive about Ranfer’s dynamism is the emphasize on infusing state of the art technology and maintaining the highest quality standards with no compromise. With Tea being the passion, every process employed is infused with skill, speciality and knowledge to ensure that Ranfer Tea is always the best.

Ranfer takes pride in being pure Ceylon Tea exporters. Responsibly sourced Ranfer Tea brings to you 100% pure Ceylon Tea that is grown, handpicked and packaged in Sri Lanka. Ranfer’s tea exports encompasses bulk tea and tea bagging in pure black tea, pure green tea, herbal teas, organic tea, Ayurvedic tea blends among other value added services.


Ranfer is one of the only tea trading companies in the world that have the strength and reach to source teas from 4 out of the 5 largest tea trading centres in the world. Hence, our capacity to source the best qualities from around the world at the best prices are endless

Packing and Tea Bagging

Tea Blending

In our efforts to supply only the finest of tea blends we employ tea tasters with decades of experience to create uncontaminated blends of signature flavours.


We employ the latest technology to carefully measure and dispense the tea into the packets and tea bags whatever their design maybe.

Trading & Distribution

Our tea auctions are backed by our world-wide logistics to help our partners market their teas to supermarkets, other retailers and whole sellers.

Private Labelling & Contract Packing

When it comes to tea, we are an integrated service providers. We provide assistance from blend development, to packaging, printing and shipping. We have directed some of the world’s most prestigious brands adhering to global quality standards.

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