In keeping with the projected development of packaging industry within the country , the group's management has ventured into an industrialized project of processing gravure packaging covering a wide range of double and triple laminated products. The new organization's initial target is to be an active partner of the county's aspirations of enhancing its value added base covering Tea, Spices, and Desiccated coconut etc.

In addition it's been extremely successful in provision of above items to the country's ever expanding local consumer and industrialized products. The opportunity also avails itself for undertaking the processing and supply of these items for the export market. The company offers a specialized professionalism in respect of total solution to its prestigious and valued customers.

The company has secured state of art machinery that provides the facility of handling the entire operation. The current machinery consists of:

A) 8 color fully automatic Gravure printer with a web video, automatic color register control, capable of running at the speed of 150 meters per minute.
B) Wet and dry laminator, 1000mm web width
C) Slitter with 1000mm web width and high tech operating facilities.
D) 3 Pouch making machines capable of making any type of pouch.
E) Doctoring machine to detect and remove misprinted, delaminated areas, etc

In fact, the company has projected plans of expanding its capacity in line with its growth in securing additional machinery.

As the fist pace of expansion plan currently the company is in the process of shifting to Ja- Ela, Ekala, and Industrial Estate.

A team of well trained and experienced personnel have been enlisted and are committed to a work program of extended hours, weekends, etc The procedure is much in keeping with practices specified by ISO 22000

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