Our Team

Nirmal Ranasinghe
Nirmal Ranasinghe co-founded Ranfer Teas (Pvt) Ltd in 1985. Prior to venturing on his own business, he was the CEO of the Colombo Commercial Company (CCC) that was owned and managed by the British since 1876. In his 50 years journey in the tea trade Mr. Ranasinghe has contributed to the development of the Sri Lankan tea trade as a ministerial chief advisor and held a number of representative positions at the Ceylon Tea Traders Association and Tea Exporters Association.
Rajiv de Sylva
Managing Director
Rajiv de Sylva joined Ranfer from his early days in the industry and has been a key activist in Ranfer’s tea trading program. An important personality in our overseas expansion operations, he has initiated dealings with new markets in the CIS and other emerging markets in the East European block. Mr de Sylva is now pushing Ranfer’s future towards reaching new horizons by shifting the company’s dynamism to meet the changing world of trade and service.
Travice Fernando
Travice Fernando co-founded Ranfer together with Nirmal Ranasinghe in 1985. Drawing inspiration from his 45-year career at the Colombo Commercial Company, he has been an imperative part of the planning and development programs of Ranfer. Mr Fernando has held many positions in national forums connected with the tea trade.
Ranil Seneviratne
CEO, Ranfer International
Ranil Seneviratne overlooks the work of Ranfer International (Pvt) Ltd. Prior to joining Ranfer as a senior official of the Group, he was working in the tea plantation sector. Mr Seneviratne’s experience in the agro based trading and export sector and his unending commitment have garnered the Company with immense recognition in the international commodity trade.
Niren Ranasinghe
Director,Finance & overseas companies
Niren Ranasinghe functions as the director of Ranfer’s three overseas companies and is the head of Finance of Ranfer. He also maintains a key role in the initiation and development of the Group’s IT system. He is a proud alumni of the University of Melbourne, holding a BSc in Commerce, and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the Open University of Colombo. Mr.Ranasinghe has effectively spearheaded key projects with multinational conglomerates such as John Keells, Nestle and local giants MAS holdings.
Ruvinika Kinigama
Director, marketing & leisure sector
RuvinikaKinigama spearheads the Group’s dynamic marketing and brand development drive in our expansion efforts in to international markets. Ruvinika holds a strong portfolio of holding senior positions at multinational companies such as Reckitt Benkiser in Sri Lanka, and Lancaster Group in the UAE, and is a proud alumna of RMIT University in Australia with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Ms. Kinigama is currently the chief activist of the Group’s Leisure sector.
Dinesh Yapa
Dinesh Yapa functions as a Director heading the Group IT division & business process management. He is spearheading the company Ranfer Professional Services (Pvt) Ltd which provides online marketing solutions for SMEs. He is a graduate from the University of Colombo and holds the Master of Science in Information Systems from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT). He is a Microsoft Certified Professional & Prior to joining Ranfer, he was an experienced ERP & Oracle Implementer.