In keeping the most artful connoisseur in mind, Ranfer Teas offer the finest blend of gold & silver tipped teas. As must be expected, their flavour is subtle and must be carefully appreciated. Exclusive teas must be savoured by an acquired taste for them.

Gold Tips
Ranfer offers a blend of gold tipped teas from the finest tea gardens of the world. Golden tips are precious for the tea gardens and are made from a distinct variety of the Camellia Assemica plant and grow in only a handful of estates. The leaves are withered, bruised with a rolling machine, oxidized and then over-roasted.

Silver Tips
These carefully appreciated delicate teas possessing benefits similar to green tea are among the Ranfer Range. Silver tipped tea is made from a distinct variety of the Assemica plant with longer withering number of gold-tipped leaves. These delicate teas are new buds plucked before they open and are withered to allow the natural moisture to evaporate and then are gently dried. The curled up buds have a silvery/white appearance and give a pale, straw-coloured liquour


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