Value Added Services

Tea Blending

We employ tea tasters of many years standing to ensure that we meet all criteria of tea blending. In doing so, it is a procedure that all the blenders and buyers will taste the teas brought on arrival at the tea-packaging factory, to reassess that they have not been contaminated or damaged whilst in the warehouses awaiting the auction. When the blending is complete, the blend is ready for packaging into packets or tea bags.


For loose-leaf packets, the blended tea is fed into a machine that carefully measures and dispenses the right amount of tea into the packet, filling it and sealing it, and weighing it as a final check. Tea bags are fed into specially designed machines which will fill thousands of teabags, be they round, square or pyramid shaped, each minute.

Trading & Distribution

We sell tea at auctions and are also backed by our world-wide logistics to help companies sell their teas to the supermarkets, other retailers and whole sellers.
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