We take pride in announcing the establishment of THE ALBATROSS Golfing and Holiday Resort with concept designed not only for the discerning golfers and their respective families, but also for the overseas and local holiday makers.

The Resort itself is wholly owned by The Ranfer Group of Companies.

Firstly, we chose the name "THE ALBATROSS" for collective reasons but a singular concept - The Grandeur in Rarity.

In golfing parlance, the rarity of the Resort's collective facilities, is comparable to that of achieving an 'Albatross' in Golf. The breath-taking panorama and grandeur of the concept is aptly captured in the words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's narration of "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" and we quote.

"At length did cross an Albatross, Through the fog it came"

The Mystique of the Albatross, a seafaring bird of good omen, elegant in-flight, will enchant you forever.

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